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Valicor Solutions

We offer solutions that are powerful enough to solve your waste challenges, yet simple enough to use. We work with industries across the United States and partner with companies as large as Honda or General Electric while serving the local oil change shops and all sizes of businesses in between.

We work at the intersection of business needs and sustainability values. If your facility has non-hazardous industrial wastewater we can work with you to process and recycle it. Our large fleet of Valicor tanker trucks will pick up your wastewater and bring it to one of our 21 facilities for separation. The resulting liquids are recycled or discharged under our Centralized Water Treatment Permits. Removed solids are sent for energy recovery or disposal.

Our Oil Services include vacuum truck services and the pick-up/recycling of used oil filters, part washers, and antifreeze. And, our Product Destruction services can securely dispose and recycle off-spec or expired product.