Custom Separation Solutions

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Custom Separation Solutions

Valicor provides opportunities for your materials to have new life. What motivates us is finding a better way to do things. Whether there is a need to eliminate waste streams or solve a unique extraction or separation challenge, our facility operators can ensure that projects are completed to specification, on time, and within budget.

Custom separation solutions are implemented using the following process:


We’ll evaluate the specific separation needs of your particular industry and business. We routinely work with food and beverage suppliers, manufacturing facilities, and other industries. This range allows us to target and adapt our procedures for the application at hand.


According to the findings and needs defined by the assessment, we go through appropriate bench and pilot testing to determine an appropriate process. Depending on the materials and objectives, we can reuse, repurpose, or reclaim the separated components.


We’ll engineer, construct, and implement the technology suite necessary for the application. Experienced with wastewater management systems and oil reclamation capabilities, we have the technology to provide solutions for a varied range of industries.


Our comprehensive approach delivers and optimizes solutions. Whether your business needs fluid separation systems or industrial fluid purification, we can implement technology that decisively and efficiently manages the material components of your situation.


Our laboratory and specially trained Valicor technicians provide the range of services and support that ensure all of your needs are being met.

Contact the Valicor custom solutions team to discuss options for your unique waste-reduction challenge. Our reclamation and management services make your business more sustainable and friendlier towards the environment, and when separated materials can be reused or repurposed, we can also save you money.