About Valicor - Reclaim the Full Value of Your Resources

Valicor separation expertise provides extraction, reclamation and repurposing solutions in many industries. This is our story.

Industrial Fluid Reclamation

Emulsified oils and contaminated coolants are not waste. Our customers save millions (dollars and gallons) every year.

Centralized Waste Treatment Facilities

We repurpose every valuable drop and responsibly manage all other drops while processing 200M+ gallons of non-hazardous wastewater annually.

Corn Oil Extraction: Ethanol Production

Ethanol producers rely on Valicor solutions to extract over $100M of corn oil revenue from their feedstock every year.

CPG Product Destruction

A 100% in-house process to destroy branded packaging and repurpose its contents – for many products and industries.

Advanced Separations & Recovery

We can recover and repurpose byproducts in a brewery, a meat plant, a paper mill or any other production facility with co-mingled resources.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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