Wastewater Treatment (Offsite)

Wastewater Management Companies Water Tank Photo - Valicor

Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation

Every year, some of the largest companies in North America rely on Valicor to treat over 200 million gallons of wastewater. Most of this wastewater is treated at one of our six centralized waste treatment (CWT) facilities. Valicor also helps customers treat wastewater streams in-line with manufacturing processes by designing, building, and servicing industrial oil recovery solutions.

Centralized Waste Treatment Facilities

Valicor treats wastewater at six centralized waste treatment facilities located in Ohio, Missouri, Alabama, and West Virginia. Our facilities serve customers throughout the Midwestern and Southeastern states. The advanced, cost-effective solutions provided at each facility service a wide variety of materials. Dedicated to managing every drop safely and responsibly, Valicor takes great pride in being the first CWT to achieve an ISO 14001 certification, and we maintain a certification for each location. Staying true to the goal of integrating sustainability into business processes, documentation of every gallon is provided to customers.

Wastewater Streams Serviced

  • Industrial streams (oily water, waste oils, coolants and water mix)
  • Recoverable Petroleum Products (RPP)
  • Surfactants (packaged drums and bulk wash waters)
  • Leachate
  • Caustics and Acids
  • Heavy metal wash waters
  • Adhesive waters
  • Coolants
  • Inks
  • Dyes
  • Sludges

Non-Hazardous Industrial Wastewater Management

With over 30 years of experience, we have developed an expertise in recycling oil from segregated used oils and emulsified oil and water (water mixed with crankcase oils, hydraulic oils, synthetic oils, machining oils, gear oils, quench oils, and more). Over 20 million gallons of recovered oil are repurposed each year. Loads transported by customers are accepted, but customers can also utilize Valicor’s extensive fleet to transport on a scheduled or as-needed basis.

Recoverable Petroleum Products (RPP) Treatment

We provide responsible and safe treatment for recoverable petroleum products. A proprietary RPP solution separates the fuels from water so that each product can be managed individually, and safe recycling options can be utilized. The following off-spec fuels can be serviced:

  • #2 Fuel
  • Jet Fuel
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel Fuel

Organic Wastewater Filtration

Surfactants from wash water streams and leachate waters from industrial waste landfills are treated through physical separation to remove the surfactants and coarse solids, and then the water’s pH is adjusted for safe recycling. Surfactants are repurposed so customers with zero waste initiatives can rely on Valicor to move them closer to their goal.

Caustics and Acids (Sodium Hydroxide and Sulfuric Acids)

To safely recycle water, the pH levels of each stream must be managed and adjusted. As a result, Valicor has developed an expertise in managing these materials. Organizations finding it difficult or costly to neutralize and dispose of these hazardous wastes can turn to Valicor and have them repurposed instead.

Other Wastewater Streams Served

In addition to the previously mentioned materials, we can also handle heavy metal wash waters, adhesive waters, coolants, inks, dyes, and sludges.

In-Line and On-Site Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems

Our on-site systems can continuously manage wastewater streams as a phase directly connected to production. Separation expertise can improve operational efficiency by moving the wastewater management upstream and separating fluids during the process. For larger customers already managing their own waste treatment processes, separation technologies can be introduced to optimize the recovery of oils and chemicals. Recovered fluids not only generate revenue, but the reduction in waste will also decrease the expense of waste disposal.