Re-Refined Base Oil Sales

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Used Industrial Oils

At Valicor, we offer technology and services to help your business collect, filter, and reclaim your used industrial oils in an environmentally beneficial manner. From hauling services to on-site filtration solutions, we can assist in increasing your overall efficiency.

Reclaiming Used Industrial Oils

If your business produces large amounts of waste fluids, you can maximize its utility by enlisting our reclamation services. At Valicor, we believe that reclaiming used industrial oil is one of the most business-minded sustainability initiatives a company can employ. We operate reprocessing facilities for large-scale reclamation projects and provide services and technologies to make on-site reclaiming and recycling of oils easy, efficient, and financially rewarding.

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Oily Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Customers can rely on Valicor’s fleet for fluid collection or use their own fleet to deliver wastewater to one of Valicor’s six ISO 140001 certified centralized waste treatment facilities across the Midwest and Southeast. Valicor will treat the fluids to repurpose and recycle materials and can meet zero waste objectives. Customers are provided with reports to support corporate, and government compliance needs.

On-Site Industrial Filtration Systems

Whatever your filtration needs, we can provide a custom solution as well as industry-standard filtration systems. If you have a need to eliminate waste streams, liquid or solid, our expert separation specialists can develop a unique system tailored to your specific needs. Every project that we undertake follows this thorough process:

– Assess: Evaluate the separation need and business case to ensure the application is targeted properly.

– Test: Bench and pilot testing to sort out a process to meet the needs defined in the assessment.

– Develop: Engineer, construct, and install the technology suite.

– Engage: Deliver and optimize solutions.

– Support: Service with trained Valicor technicians and laboratory services.

In addition to our custom systems, we offer standard filtration systems including centrifuge purification systems, coolant and cleaner batch reclamation, sump maintenance equipment, and membrane filtration systems. These allow for efficient filtering of used industrial oils, wastewater, and ethanol coproduct development.

Recycled Base Oils and Fuel Oils

We process used industrial oils into base oils, which may then be used to manufacture industrial lubricants. Because these new products are derived from 100% recyclable materials and are not chemically engineered, they offer quality performance at a lower cost versus virgin and re-refined base stocks.

Valicor repurposes over 20 million gallons of used industrial oil every year in the recycled fuel oil market. Wastewater treatment expertise extracts the most oil possible from waste streams, helping customers improve upon zero-waste initiatives and other waste treatment facilities to treat streams they were previously unable to service for their customers.

Whenever your business needs professional services for the collection, filtering, and reclamation of your used industrial oils, consult the experts at Valicor. With our industry experience and technology, we can improve the viability of your operations through improving the usage of your waste fluids. To learn more about our services, contact us today.