Nutraceutical Extracts


Extraction technology, facility development services, lab services and design-build-service support for a customer’s own facility are all on the menu of services offered by Valicor. With separation expertise and decades of experience integrating sustainable thinking with business processes, Valicor is a global leader in extracting value from algae.


A wholly owned microalgae farm coupled with Valicor’s fluid extraction capabilities is producing large amounts of Astaxanthin for Valicor customers.

Algae Biofuel

New techniques for the fractionation of microalgae deliver the highest recovery of lipids that can be processed into biofuels, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and more. Lipid extracted biomass creates separate coproduct streams ready for further processing into high protein animal and fish feed, biofuels and other end applications.

Algae Technology and Services

Algae cultivation research and development experience and a wide variety of microalgae strains makes Valicor the perfect partner for algae cultivators and refiners looking for monetization opportunities.