Consumer Product Destruction (old)

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Brand and Product Destruction of Expired or Off-Spec Products

At Valicor, we understand the importance of proper and safe product destruction and the value of privacy and confidentiality during the process. Prior to handling materials from our customers, we audit our facility and formulate an approach that best fits your business and product. Our turnkey services can also help accommodate businesses who wish to maintain zero-waste initiatives.

Product Destruction Services

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At our state-of-the-art facilities, we have the technology and expertise to handle product destruction of consumer packaged goods from companies dealing with food and beverage or soap. When these goods outlive their useful lifespan, we know that environmentally conscious businesses want to have these products disposed of carefully and with consideration for the environment.

Rather than burdening waste management services and landfills with large quantities of unused products and environmentally compromising containers, we can assure that your brand is not negatively impacted through properly destroying any leftover items. In concordance with our mission to create sustainable solutions, we can process all cardboard, plastic, glass, and aluminum containers and have them recycled or repurposed as waste-to-energy. We can also recycle most beverages and surfactants.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Our processes are set up to ensure that your business’ confidentiality is protected at all times during product destruction. In addition to our auditing of the facility prior to the arrival of your product, we also utilize a 24/7 surveillance system to add an extra level of protection. Safeguarding your brand’s reputation is an important aspect of our services, and we will take any necessary measures to make you feel comfortable during the process. For those brands that enact zero-waste measures, we can also provide destruction solutions that will meet those standards and contribute positively to the environment.

Valicor’s locations and logistical capabilities provide significant savings and offer convenient service to customers with multiple locations. For each client and unique load, a complete facility audit is performed to develop the approach that suits the product and the customer. Valicor is a sustainability-focused company with years of experience servicing zero waste-minded customers. This ensures the most comprehensive and professional handling of branded products. Our desire to provide attentive and personalized service on a case-by-case basis is what sets us apart from the competition. If you have any questions about our facilities and services, do not hesitate to contact us today.