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Used Industrial Oils

Reclaiming used industrial oil is one of the most business-minded sustainability initiatives a company can employ.

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Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation

Every year some of the largest companies in North America rely on Valicor to treat over 200 million gallons of wastewater.

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Industrial Fluid Purification

Contaminated coolants, cleaners and straight oils hurt product quality and frequent change-outs hurt productivity.

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Ethanol Coproduct Development

Valicor helps extract valuable coproducts like corn oil, high protein animal feed streams and DDGs to help producers gain the full value from feedstock investments.

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Fluid Separations

Whether purification requires liquid/liquid, solid/liquid, gas/liquid, solid/gas or extraction separations, Valicor solutions maximize production time and increase operational flexibility while lowering costs.

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Nutraceutical Extracts

A wholly owned microalgae farm coupled with Valicor’s fluid extraction capabilities is producing large amounts of Astaxanthin for Valicor customers.

Expired Products (Soap and Beverages)

Expired Products (Soap and Beverages)

Valicor provides turnkey, zero waste product destruction services for consumer packaged goods such as soap and soda.