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Fluid recovery and regeneration solutions help manufacturers and producers maximize resources and minimize waste. It’s simple. The more revenue a business generates from its material resources – and the less it spends on disposal – the more success that business will realize. Valicor solutions extend the usefulness of resources like oil, coolant, water, ethanol/biofuel feedstocks, soaps and more. Business initiatives and sustainability initiatives are no longer mutually exclusive. In fact, the more sustainability is integrated with production processes, the more efficient those operations become and the more success the business will realize.


Valicor VFRAC Increases Value Per Bushel

This video explains how dry mill corn ethanol producers can maximize revenue and resources by separating their streams of co-products with Valicor VFRAC technology.

Fluid Control Services = Better Fluid Management

The Fluid Control solution technology gives customers the fluid management information they need while ISO-14001 certified, chemical supplier-independent Valicor technicians manage all the details. Learn more »

Enhanced Back-End Value

Robust coproduct technology must be supported by customer confidence in a freedom to operate and reliable channels to market… Download Valicor’s latest whitepaper on Ethanol Coproduct Development »