Retail Oil Services

Used Antifreeze Collection

Used Antifreeze Collection


Valicor Environmental Services collects and recycles used antifreeze on a schedule to accommodate each customer’s needs. We collect from local auto-dealers, quick-oil-change retailers, heavy-duty equipment and truck customers, and independent repair shops. We supply DOT-compliant containers to store the used coolants, which will be resupplied after the used antifreeze is collected.

Once the used antifreeze is verified that it is not contaminated, the collected material is transported to a Valicor Environmental Services branch location and segregated to be transferred to the antifreeze recycler.

The used antifreeze is purified through a distillation process resulting in pure ethylene glycol and distilled water which can then be blended with high-quality additives to create new 50/50 premixed sustainable antifreeze.

Used Oil Filter Recycling

Used Oil Filter Recycling


Valicor Environmental Services collects used oil filters from local auto-dealers, quick-oil-change retailers and independent repair shops. The filters are processed to reclaim every recyclable part, from the metal casings to the oil-soaked paper filters.

In many states, it is illegal under state law to send used oil filters into the landfill. Valicor Environmental Services guarantees its used oil filter recycling process meets all federal and state recycling regulations.

We supply government-approved containers and secure bins to consolidate used oil filters. Valicor Environmental Services also supplies all required documentation and data to meet federal, state, local and EPA regulations.

Containerized Waste Disposal

Valicor Environmental Services assists in the management of our customers’ containerized waste, including liquid waste, sludge or solid materials in drums to roll-offs.

Our containerized waste disposal program offers regular waste collection to ensure our customers’ compliance with regulatory guidelines.

We provide the proper containers, labels and shipping documentation to comply with all federal, state, local and EPA regulations. In addition, we provide analytical testing upon request.

Parts Washer Services

Valicor Environmental Services offers a range of parts washer equipment and solvents to meet the needs of our customers. We offer scheduled services, delivering fresh solvent on 4-week, 8-week or 12-week cycles (shorter or longer terms available upon request). We also offer service cycles for customer-owned machines.

Valicor Environmental Services will setup the equipment and demonstrate how to use it properly while also leaving behind a user instruction manual. The units come with a flow-through brush and a self-closing safety lid.

Customers can choose from petroleum based non-hazardous premium solvents or environmentally-friendly aqueous solvents to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. Safety Data Sheets are supplied for all solvents.
Valicor Environmental Services also offers brake cleaning equipment designed to roll under the wheel in 5- or 10-gallon capacities.

Vacuum Truck Services

Valicor Environmental Services offers scheduled and on-call industrial vacuum truck services. We offer a wide variety of vacuum truck services, from general plant maintenance to special projects and emergencies.

We are equipped to manage non-hazardous solids, sludges and liquid wastes to keep business operations uninterrupted and in compliance. We pay close attention to cost effective management of waste volumes from drums to complete plant turnarounds by ensuring the accurate measurement of all vessels.

We dispose of customer materials properly through oil collection, wastewater treatment, and disposal and treatment of solids.