Valicor is demonstrating its commitment to engineering next generation solutions through the VLab: a dedicated pilot development center equipped with state-of-the-art fluid testing laboratory equipment and resources. The VLab team discovers and launches new technology platforms that enable Valicor to find better ways to integrate sustainable practices into business operations.

The VLab has developed solutions that help CPG companies meet zero waste objectives, help industry re-purpose soapy “waste” water and is finding better ways to advance the cultivation and business use of micro algae everyday.

Process Efficiencies & Enhancements

Using separation technology expertise to achieve sustainability objectives is the just the beginning. Every solution Valicor delivers aims to drive new levels of efficiency through the operation.

Sustainability, for some, means recycling materials from the end of a process back to the beginning. Valicor engineers solutions to integrate sustainable practices throughout the process. This generates more efficiencies – faster – and ensures a better return on investment.