Metalworking & Manufacturing


The total cost of metalworking fluids continues to increase with rising chemical and lubricant costs, waste disposal expenses, and regulatory compliance challenges. Fluid purification solutions engineered and serviced by Valicor will reduce overall coolant, lubricant, and liquid consumption while driving operational efficiencies throughout the process; including tool life, increased product quality, and reduced waste. Solutions are engineered and lab tested to solve common coolant and lubricant leakage issues, provide on-demand oil or water removal services, remove particulate contaminants, and more.

Centralized Waste Treatment Services

Industrial and metalworking fluids can be shipped to Valicor locations to recycle, reclaim, and repurpose large quantities. Whether a facility needs a regularly scheduled off-site service, or a reliable ISO 14001 partner to step-in for emergency or overflow situations, Valicor’s fleet and facilities are ready to accommodate the need.

Batch Fluid Purification

Collected fluids can be purified and returned in minimal time with off-site batch purification systems. Every operation is unique, so each solution is unique. The results are always the same though – fluid purchases and waste disposal costs go down.

Fluid Control

A proven, systemic approach to fluid control delivers benefits to the complete production process. The Fluid Control program is more than procurement and maintenance. Customers are changing the way they think about processing fluids. No other fluid control service can match the experience and knowledge of Valicor operators. As a result, customers rely on Valicor’s pursuit of best-match fluid solutions for each step of the process with the goal of improving overall operations.