Haul & Manage

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Natural Solutions

Providing reusable opportunities for off-site material .

Creative Resolutions

Reliable outlets for oil, wastewater, coolants, sludges, and more.

Reduced Waste

Minimizing the amount of material that goes to a landfill.

ISO 14001 Certified

ISO certification creates a peace of mind for material management.

Increased Workflow Efficiencies

Liquid waste removal creates less equipment down time.

Valicor Waste Treatment Services:

Oily Wastewater, Organics, Leachate, Solidification

Recycled Fuel Oil Purchase Programs

Industrial and Retail Used Oil Collection

Transportation via Tanker, Rail and Barge

New Industrial Oil Manufacturing and Used Oil Reclaim Services

Recycled Petroleum Products/Distillates Processing (RPP)

Surfactant Recovery and Beneficial Reuse

Container Management and Waste-to-Energy Processing

Truck and Tanker Sprayouts

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Valicor is the first non-hazardous wastewater company in the United States to receive the environmental distinction of ISO 14001.