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Fluid Recovery and Regeneration Services

At Valicor, we believe fluid recovery and regeneration solutions help manufacturers and producers maximize resources and minimize waste. By generating more revenue from your material resources and spending less on disposal, your business can maximize its efficiency and effectiveness.


Valicor VFRAC Increases Value Per Bushel

This video explains how dry mill corn ethanol producers can maximize revenue and resources by separating their streams of co-products with Valicor VFRAC technology.

Fluid Control Services = Better Fluid Management

The Fluid Control solution technology gives customers the fluid management information they need while ISO-14001 certified, chemical supplier-independent Valicor technicians manage all the details. Learn more »

Ethanol Coproduct Value – Whitepaper

Robust coproduct technology must be supported by customer confidence in a freedom to operate and reliable channels to market… Download Valicor’s latest whitepaper on Ethanol Coproduct Development »


How We Service Customers

Our processes can extend the usefulness of resources like oil, coolant, water, ethanol/biofuel feedstocks, soaps, and more. In today’s environment, business initiatives and sustainability are no longer mutually exclusive. In fact, the more sustainability is integrated with production processes, the more efficient those operations become and the more success the business will realize.

Vital for Tomorrow

When you need reliable, expert management of your wastewater, we can offer you safe handling with our hauling services. The waste materials are delivered using your own trucks or by our fleet of trucks that can handle all types of waste fluids. These materials are then processed at one of our centralized waste treatment facilities where they are treated and then repurposed, reused, or reclaimed. The excess water from the waste, having now been purified, is discharged back into the environment.

We also can dispose of expired or off-spec products in an environmentally friendly way. We have the ability to break them down and have them repurposed. Our product destruction services have been utilized in the food and beverage industry as well as in cosmetics and soaps by companies needing to find alternative outlets for their unused commodities.

Filtration Solutions

If your business generates a large volume of waste material through production operations, we can tailor a custom separation and filtration solution for your oils, wastewater, and ethanol coproducts on-site. Our engineers will work with you to solve any unique extraction or separation challenge and ensure that the projects are completed to specification, on-time, and within budget. These solutions will help your business eliminate the need for external hauling and management services, and our expert separation technologists can provide maintenance and support by utilizing the newest analytical equipment.

Purchasable or Leasable Separation Technologies

Our separation technologies can either be purchased or leased, and can be installed on-site at any point during the production process. Some of these solutions include centrifuge purification systems, coolant and cleaner batch reclamation systems, sump maintenance equipment, membrane filtration systems, magnetic separator systems, corn oil separation systems, and VFRAC.

Whether you need custom solutions, standard separation technologies, product destruction, or reliable hauling and waste management, our experts can ensure that the materials are handled safely and repurposed for other industrial uses. By maximizing the usefulness of your waste streams, your business can become more efficient and increase its profitability, all while bettering the environment. We have locations in Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, West Virginia, and Alabama, and service customers throughout those states as well as parts of Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Canada. If you are located in these areas and want to learn more about our specialized services, contact us today.