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Magnetic Separation Technology Overview

Improve operations and maximize floor space with magnetic technology and separation expertise. In-line, auto-purging, high-intensity magnetic separators enable 24/7 operations with a footprint four times smaller than conventional, gravity-fed fluid purification designs.

Fluid Control Services = Better Fluid Management

The Fluid Control solution technology gives customers the fluid management information they need while ISO-14001 certified, chemical supplier-independent Valicor technicians manage all the details. Learn more »

Metalworking Reclaim Saves $400,000 Annually

A transmission component supplier was losing​ large amounts of metalworking fluid before the material​ could reach an existing purification system meant to keep it from becoming unnecessary waste. Valicor Fluid Purification experts were able to… Learn more »


Finding A Better Way

Valicor solutions originate from the belief that A Better Way exists. We understand that byproducts are a reality of any production process. So we find better ways to turn those byproducts into coproducts to reduce waste and gain value from every last drop of a production resource. We go beyond the technology of recovering those resources. Valicor offers full-cycle services surrounding the recovery of a resource. Services that make technology affordable, include turnkey maintenance, provide compliance assurance, and even include distribution sources to ensure customer success. In a world where sustainability is a requirement, Finding A Better Way is vital.